Petra Marriott Hotel

posted Dec 25, 2010, 10:31 PM by Darren Cannell
This is a nice little Marriott hotel set up on the mountain overlooking the Petra Valley.  There are great views to be had for all and free buffet breakfast comes with most plans and that was very good and varied.  The hotel is due for a refurbishment, I had to laugh at the blow dryer in our room it looked like a 1960s model but it still worked.  The staff was very friendly and in Jordan most women do not work so the whole staff is male even the maids.  There wasn’t a work out facility which a bit of a downer and the internet cost 10.50 JOD per 24 hours.  I got this hotel for 89 JOD with the friends and family rate.  This hotel is only about 2 kms from the Petra site bring JOD to the site only and the site is expensive.