Sheraton Rajputana – Jaipur, India

posted Jan 18, 2011, 10:41 PM by Darren Cannell
This hotel room was almost identical to the ITC Mughal and it had a Peshawri restaurant which I highly recommend, try the Dal Bukhara, to die for.  We originally had to book a smoking room because they were all booked up and it would have killed me but the front clerk got us into a non-smoking room which was super.  It is a sprawling hotel in a square with the inner court yard being the place where the pool is.  It is an old elegant hotel and the room we were in looked recently refurbished but without the corner bed for Dax so they brought up a cot for us.  They had the same dinky TV as the ITC Mughal though.  The buffet breakfast included with our price of 7299 Rupees was good as well, but i have to say that the coffee was some of the worst that I have ever tasted on planet earth, I had to force myself to drink ½ a cup to stave off a caffeine withdrawal headache, yuk, it tasted like cigarette butts had been soaking in it.  We went for a ½ hour walk outside the Sheraton and it was not conducive to walking.  The traffic was borderline dangerous and the mounds of human feces on the sidewalk about 200 meters from the hotel was not pleasant.  There was a few friendly people but it was not fun like it was in Agra.