West Sands Beach Resort – Phuket, Thailand

posted Jan 21, 2011, 7:12 PM by Darren Cannell
We have two weeks here at this resort and frankly that is going to be too much time here.  We purchased these weeks off of Interval International for approximately 100 per night.  The resort is new and many buildings are under construction in a haphazard kind of way.  There has not been any construction noise at all.  The noise comes from the airport which is right next door.  You get use to the noise and it is fun to watch the planes come in over the ocean and land on the strip.  You can literally lie down on the sand and have the planes fly over you and you can get some cool pictures too.

We purchased these weeks under false pretences.  The pictures that the West Sands has with Interval are of the Beach Villas not the Family Suites which only sleep 4 comfortably.  We thought that we were going to be getting something totally different and very large.  I am still working with Interval on this one to get compensated somehow.  There is supposed to be a dishwasher, laundry in our unit etc, etc. But there is not.  The units are nice enough and new but not well equipped to cook.  There is a lovely oven but no oven dishes etc, management here must have half a brain to work that one out.  I have asked several times to get more pots and oven dishes but to no avail.

The large pool is very nice with lots of lounge chairs plus there is another small pool.  One disappointment is that the beach does not have any chairs on it because this beach is protected for the turtles to lay their eggs.  You can go down to the beach and sit on towels and swim in the water but that is about it.
They do have a great work out centre with new equipment and working out is a highlight here because there is nothing to do here.

There is free wireless in the room but it is frustratingly slow and sporadic, I would rather pay for good service then have this.

You are quite isolated here, with only a few tiny restaurants outside of this resort.  The taxi fare here is very steep into Phuket Town which is about ½ hour away.  They want 1600 baht there and back.  They have the market on taxis too.  You may want to rent a car.  There are no organized activities as promised here, so you are on your own for entertainment.  There are bicycles but they are very expensive.  The Water Park was supposed to be free for guests here, but it is not.  They charge 1050 baht which is steep for Thailand.  The Spa is outrageously expensive you cannot even get a cheap Thai massage, which is another disappointment.  If you want total and complete relaxation with nothing to do then come to this resort.  Personally I would not suggest you come here at all.